Disruption brings opportunity

Recent social and economic disruption have created opportunities to reflect, reset, and reinvigorate total rewards and the employee experience. Employee rewards strategies are being reshaped to navigate uncertainty and build agility. Employees, societies, and governments are calling for fair, equitable, and transparent pay practices that are aligned with labor markets, roles, and expectations. The most effective, diverse, and inclusive rewards strategies are rooted in data and analytics.

Reinvent your total rewards strategy


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Aligning purpose, pay, and performance

Learn how future-focused companies are rewriting the rules on rewards.

Improve your employee experience with a holistic, purpose-driven rewards strategy

It is not enough to offer great pay and benefits. Employees expect – and need – more from their employer. An expanded view of employee rewards considers programs and levers that differentiate your employee experience.


According to Mercer’s 2021 Global Talent Trends Study:


  • 50% of employees want to work for an organization that offers responsible rewards
  • 49% prefer an organization that protects employees’ health and financial well-being
  • 37% are motivated by strong corporate values, mission, and purpose
  • 36% favor companies that focus on social equity and environmental protection

At work, people want to grow, develop, be protected, be part of a community, and have the ability to affect something greater than themselves. Organizations that create energizing employee experiences will continue to win in the competition for talent.

How we help

We help employers attract, retain, engage, and motivate their workforce by:


  • Crafting a total rewards strategy: We use analytics to understand your workforce, close skills gaps, and strengthen employee engagement and retention with a customized and compelling employee rewards strategy.
  • Building agility with a career framework and job architecture: Create a skills-enabled career framework that links vital HR processes. Pivot as needed by having a well-defined job architecture that aligns benefits and compensation with roles, career paths, and labor markets.
  • Optimizing return on incentive investments: Foster flexibility and inclusion with the remote, flexible, and digital models that are redefining work today. Increase your workforce adaptability, heighten performance, and optimize the allocation and return on incentive investments.

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Traditional reward levers do not have the impact they once had. To create a compelling employee experience, we must rethink total rewards.
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Our approach


Mercer approaches developing total rewards strategies with four key tenets:



Considering the perspectives of the employer, employee, market, and cost.



Using a rich fact base to measure employee sentiment and behavior.



Identifying segments within your workforce with unique needs and values.



Promoting engagement with rewards programs to drive behavioral change.

Our capabilities

Our employee rewards experts offer guidance, tools, and resources to tailor and effectively deliver and measure your rewards strategy. Key capabilities include:

Rewards strategy: Determine the right total rewards strategy and implement base pay and incentive plans for employees or executives, designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Benchmark data: Our robust compensation benchmark data uses the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices for evaluating and establishing competitive compensation.

Skills-based talent strategies: Unlock organizational capability by focusing on skills and experiences that will empower the right employee experiences.

Technology integration: Optimize your human resources management system (HRMS), such as Workday, with a well-designed job architecture.

Communicating rewards: Use a virtual platform like Mercer Belong® or our employee communication consulting services to form meaningful connections with employees about their careers, benefits, and well-being.

Employee listening: Tap into the employee experience with pulse surveys, digital focus groups, and more – and turn employee data into actionable insights that inform your employee rewards strategy. 

Pay equity analysis: Conduct a pay equity study and leverage Mercer’s Pay Equity Calculator™ to drill down on pay gaps and improve equity within your organization.

Pay transparency: Create a compelling and transparent rewards story for your employees, candidates, customers, and other stakeholders.

Why Mercer?

Our experts will help you create an employee rewards strategy that raises the performance bar, enhances productivity, and elevates business results. Our expertise in total rewards, as well as all aspects of HR, is both deep and wide. You will gain access to expert guidance and robust data sources to inform your strategy and create a compelling employee experience. With our vast experience and data-rich resources, we can help you to reinvent your total rewards strategy to achieve value, flexibility, and sustainability.

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