Managing a mobile workforce in a new era


In the wake of COVID-19, social and economic disruption has led organizations to reassess their global mobility programs with a focus on the well-being of their expatriate employees. As they leverage new working arrangements, changing technology, and adaptive ways of thinking, many organizations are considering alternate forms of international assignments, in addition to traditional mobility programs, to sustain their overseas operations and workforces.


Meanwhile, HR teams are on the front line and must be equipped to address a host of situations and questions related to duty of care, relocation, rewards, risk management, and compliance.


Mercer has the tools and the experience to help you manage these situations – and more – with practical advice behind the hard numbers.

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The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that sending and keeping employees on international assignments is a huge responsibility and a difficult task to manage.
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- Ilya Bonic, Career President and Head of Strategy, Mercer

How we help


Our experts will help you make the right moves – at the right time. We will work with you to improve your mobility processes while boosting employee satisfaction and growth. We help:

Map out effective talent strategies

Using our talent management and planning resources, we help you select candidates, place them in your target regions, and confirm assignment details.

Craft incentive and rewards packages


We work with you to design effective benefits and remuneration plans, and communicate them to your employees.

Support your expatriates


We help ensure their success with cultural training and global leadership profiles to help you select and develop the right global leaders.

Provide quantifiable returns on investment


We measure program ROI and assignment success, and help you with succession and retention processes.


Get local data with a global perspective

What does it really mean for someone to uproot their family and move to Singapore, New York or Bahrain? Our information solutions for mobility put the highest quality, most-detailed data available into your hands.


Our Cost of Living data, the most comprehensive of its kind, is just one of our many market-leading tools and resources. Our leading benchmark data, Quality of Living data, and Hardship Ratings are all exclusive to Mercer.


Our Mobility Starter Kit is divided into three tiers:


  1. Pre-move informative guide
  2. Post-move expatriate management program
  3. Comprehensive kit for companies managing multiple international assignments.

We also offer tools specifically designed for executives. Mercer is well equipped to cover all of your mobility needs.

Cost of Living city rankings

What is the best way to approach expatriate assignment costs in times of uncertainty?

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Mercer makes mobility easy

Many companies are transitioning from providing full expat packages to “local plus” packages with specific add-ons. We will help you choose the right package for the assignment and business goals at hand. We combine education, consulting, software data, and online tools to offer you the full breadth of mobility services.


Our mobility capabilities include:


  • Mobility education for all levels of your workforce
  • Mobility consulting to prepare your organization for the unanticipated
  • Mobility software, including HR solutions and cultural training
  • Mobility data to help you determine pay, benefits, relocation costs and more
  • Mobility online tools for easy access to necessary information

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