Executive reward drivers have expanded

Tying purpose-based goals to financial rewards push leaders to be accountable for their behaviors and actions to help create a better society. Shareholders, employees, and society want executive compensation to expand to encompass rewards for such initiatives as improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), embracing a stakeholder (rather than a stockholder) mindset, and actions to support environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) – in addition to the traditional financial and operational results executive rewards have always emphasized.


Integrating financial, ESG, and ESG concerns into your executive compensation program helps build an agile rewards infrastructure. This will enable you to attract, retain, and motivate global and local executive talent who can thrive during disruption.

Aligning purpose, pay and performance 


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Thriving employees—those prospering in terms of health, wealth, and career—are 4X more likely to work for a company they perceive as ensuring equity in pay/promotion decisions.
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Source: Mercer’s 2021 Global Talent Trends Study

Why reinvent now?

An organization's purpose manifests in talent-related factors like diversity, equity, inclusion, retention, equitable benefits, social investment, pay equity, and pay transparency. Organizations that demonstrate sincere integrity in their commitment to their purpose, their people, and the planet will have the power to reset the social and welfare agenda while meeting stakeholder expectations. Those who take the lead in this effort can spearhead the emergence of socially responsible capitalism. Shareholders – both institutional and retail – are demanding that companies take leadership on this. Executives who are more committed to purpose-driven value statements will steward better, healthier, and more inclusive ways of living and working.

How we help

Mercer’s executive compensation consultants are trusted advisors to senior management of public and private companies and boards of directors. We provide best-in-class expertise in executive and director compensation and benefits, pay-for-performance alignment, and corporate governance – all of which are grounded in market and industry practices and are customized for your business.


Our expert consulting and comprehensive database helps you shape and implement your executive compensation programs to:

Improve your ability to attract, retain, and motivate key executive talent

Align pay with your organization’s strategic needs and relevant talent comparators

Realize the value in ownership transactions

Stay compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines

Provide transparency and flexibility to customize rewards in purpose-driven ways

Our approach


Mercer’s approach to executive compensation features:

Collaboration and multiple viewpoints


Our consultants bring knowledge and experience to provide counsel – not just data. We consider shareholder, board member, company, and employee perspectives along with external and competitive realities.

Global reach



With a global reach of more than 130 countries, our executive compensation consultants offer the expertise needed to keep rewards and compensation strategies consistent across all markets. 

Evidence-based decision making


Gain access to our best-in-class resources, including: global data, regulatory, legal and accounting research, governance and shareholder relations, and guidance from our executive benefits consulting group. 

Objectivity and integrity



To ensure objectivity, integrity, and quality, we have established Global Business Standards to manage potential conflicts of interest inherent in advising boards of directors and management on executive compensation. 

Why Mercer?

With deep roots and expertise in HR, rewards, and data and analytics, Mercer provides executive compensation services to clients in all major industry sectors. Our team includes compensation consultants across the globe, and a dedicated team of legal professionals and governance experts who stay informed on regulatory matters from proxy advisor and institutional shareholder viewpoints and activities.


Our executive compensation consultants will help you achieve measurable impact on performance, efficiency, and risk management. We actively work with you to develop cash and equity compensation programs. We also help manage the growing complexity of regulations, legislation, and stakeholder demands.

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