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Against today’s uncertain economic backdrop, defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors are concerned about regulatory complexity, having the resources to manage the plan, as well as fiduciary risk and excessive fees.


In Mercer Wise 401(k)’s fully outsourced solution, Mercer acts as a named fiduciary responsible for the operation and investments for the plan, thereby reducing administrative burdens, reducing fiduciary risk and contributing to improved participant outcomes.*


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Learn how Mercer Wise 401(k) can reduce time, expense, complexities and fiduciary risk associated with managing your defined contribution plan.

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Meet the future: potential advantages of a delegated approach


Reduce administrative burden

We enable plan sponsors who wish to benefit from pooling to fully delegate plan responsibilities to Mercer, reducing administrative burdens.


Reduce costs

We aim to lower plan costs through recordkeeping and investment management fees.


Reduce risk and liability

Mercer acts as a named fiduciary responsible for investments, thereby reducing fiduciary risk.


Improve participant outcomes

Plan participants benefit from access to simplified, highly rated investment options.



  How Mercer investment solutions can help



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  • Outcome oriented
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  • Experience in your industry
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  • Broad and deep resources



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  • Heritage of delivering “on-your-side” advice
  • Customized solutions
  • Trusted advisor




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*“Improved participant outcomes” does not imply improved investment performance but instead pertains to the participant experience.

1As of December 31, 2020.