Investment Strategies Tailored to Insurance Companies  


In today’s market, some insurance companies are de-risking, while others are adding incremental risk. From risk tolerance and operating outlook to regulatory regimes and operational constraints, your insurance company has unique needs, goals, and frameworks.


Because your business is one-of-a-kind, you deserve a custom-tailored investment strategy — and that’s where Mercer comes in. In our more than 30 years working with health, life and property/casualty insurers, we’ve developed specialized expertise and deep experience in building bespoke investment strategies. Our solutions feature:


An insurance consulting team dedicated to you. Our insurance consulting team is well versed in managing investment strategies that take into account regulatory requirements, accounting and impairment treatments, and risk-based capital considerations. We’re also able to offer deep insights by conducting peer-benchmarking analyses on a project basis.


A philosophy that supports your goals. At Mercer, we believe in breaking down the traditional silos that separate investments from operations by:


  • Establishing explicit goals for investment returns and identifying specific, measurable and relevant minimum goals for metrics such as Risk-based Capital (RBC) and reserve requirements
  • Analyzing liabilities by reviewing current trends, sensitivity factors, claim histories, claim expectations, and volatility
  • Combining operational outlook and corporate strategy with liability analysis and established investment and statutory goals to create an appropriate portfolio
  • Continually presenting you with creative investment ideas, knowing that at times, operational stress, organizational risk tolerance, statutory accounting treatment or liquidity will be a deciding factor for investment.

Services customized for your business. From investment research to advice, Mercer offers a full suite of services for insurance companies like yours. Find out how we can help you tailor a solution that works for you.






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