Disruption and change are here to stay. Intense competition, ever-increasing shareholder expectations and digital innovations are driving leaders to rethink strategy. The result is an urgent need to adapt that in turn fuels increased inorganic transformation through deals.


At the same time, increasing complexity and cross-border dynamics make it difficult to realize value in M&A strategies. Speed becomes paramount to success. 


Prioritizing people risks

The success of an acquisition increasingly depends on prioritizing people risk. Our research shows that 60% of deals fail due to workforce issues. Organizations need to address this risk at the initiation of any acquisition process — at target identification and during due diligence — and with the same strategic focus that goes into analyzing the financial risks.


The Mercer difference

What differentiates us is our deal experts, who understand how to maximize value, mitigate risks and moderate costs to create sustainable value across all human capital levers. Our exceptional ability to translate people risks into measurable financial and operational outcomes has transformed business for hundreds of our clients. We have the deal and subject matter expertise to advise our clients and partner with them to implement the right strategies.

Mercer advises clients in:


Strategy and readiness

Anticipate the spectrum of people risks and strategies to address them given your strategic goals.

Due diligence

Conduct in-depth analysis on workforce issues to identify any material risks to purchase price, strategic objectives or integration.

Pre-close planning

Execute rigorous governance and planning to ensure business continuity on Day One as well as longer-term integration success.


Drive deal success by effectively implementing Day One plans and monitoring results to maximize value.

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People risks in transactions, if not properly mitigated, can have an enormously negative impact on deal value. People are the common denominator in delivering economic value, and it’s too often overlooked.
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– CEO, Fortune 500 company

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