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people are provided health coverage through employers (more than half of the US population1).



employer spend on healthcare.3



Employers are responsible for the health coverage and well-being of millions of Americans. Healthcare is a highly valued employee benefit, and it’s one of the biggest items in any organization’s budget.


As an employer, you have the power to improve our healthcare system. With a focus on reimagining employee health and benefits, you can make a meaningful difference. At Mercer, we’re helping companies like yours do just that.

High Value Care: Learn how you can attain the greatest value from your healthcare benefits.


Improving health outcomes


Employers have the collective influence to improve health outcomes. Successful efforts to personalize the experience, pay for value, drive to quality and embrace disruption have resulted in progress. Facing the impact of market forces accelerated by COVID-19, employers now need to derive greater value from health and benefits programs. It is time for employers to rebalance the quality vs. cost equation, and reinvent for value. We can help.


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1 US Census Bureau "Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2017"